New Life Sunday – Tape Delay

The Olympics have been a lot of fun so far. If I had to choose my favorite moment, it would be Michael Phelps winning the gold over Ryan Lochte last night.
I knew he was going to win…No, I really knew…
Not only has NBC been playing the big events on tape delay during prime time, we have been taping the taped events.
By the time Leigh-Ann and I sat down to speed through the Olympics, I knew from facebook (thanks Dave :)) that Phelps had won the gold.
You may argue with me here, but I think it was just as enjoyable to watch the competition even though I knew who was going to win.
Even as Lochte made a push at the end, I wasn’t worried…I knew Phelps had won.
The same thing happened with gymnastics. There was no sweating over the balance beam…I knew Gabby Douglas was going home with the gold.
I found that it was maybe even more fun to watch the event since I wasn’t worried about the potential failures of the athletes. I had the time to notice more details while sharing in the victories.
Imagine what it would be like if you could have a tape delay for life…
If you could be confident of your future, it would make it so much easier to survive the trials and relish the good times.
This Sunday we will study 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 where Paul is communicating a blessed hope to his close friends in Thessalonica. He establishes that as Christians our future is certain.
“We will always be with the Lord.”
This is a truth we are planning to celebrate on Sunday, I hope you can come.
In the meantime, GO USA!
Announcement: This Sunday we will be celebrating Baptism at 4:00pm at Lake Quivira. New Life will provide hot dogs and sausage and water. Please bring some chips, desert or soda to share. Directions will be available on Sunday.


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