New Life Sunday — Get Real

This past Tuesday we held a training session for an addictions recovery program that we are hoping to launch soon at New Life. The name of the ministry is the acronym J.U.M.P. ( which is short for, “Jesus Understands My Problems.”
In its simplest and alliterated (of course) form, the program uses truth, tools and testimony to share Jesus with people in need.
So how does one go about finding people in need for an addictions recovery program? I mean, we all have our issues….but we certainly don’t need an addictions recovery program, do we? That’s for people who live on the street and rob convenience stores for drug money, right?
(Note sarcasm :))
Several weeks ago we were meeting with the director of the program, Jeff Baird and he shared that one of their most successful meetings was centered around the topic, “My friend has a problem.”People are comfortable as long as they can attend in anonymity.
Why isn’t the church the first place where people can come to for grace and healing? Why do we all feel the incredible urge to “get our lives together” before we can be authentic around other Christians?
Earlier today, I had a friend stop by my office to thank me for treating him like a human. Based on his past, that was not normal. I am not making this up. You would think that we should treat everyone “like a human.”
Especially as Christians…
Now, I will quickly admit that I am not perfect, I still need a regular reminder from James 2 (teaching about showing favoritism to the rich man) and I constantly battle my own “mental caste system” based on my selfish preferences.
With that said, there is plenty of room at New Life for more authentic people who are willing to admit their own inadequacies and sinfulness and celebrate the transformational power of the Gospel. In fact, you would probably love to learn more about J.U.M.P. as well.
This Sunday we continue our study of “Modeling” from Paul found in 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12. We are called to battle for authentic Christianity. And that is more than learning and memorizing orthodox doctrine.
Simply put, it means we need to be real.
Real people, with real problems that have found real hope in Jesus.
That is how Life is meant to be!

I hope to see you Sunday!


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