New Life Sunday…My City Matters

This past week I have thought to myself many times, “if this 4th floor could talk, it would certainly have a story to tell.”
I have been watching 50+ teens and sponsors living in the middle of Kansas City while participating in a missions trip called “My City Matters” (
Their temporary home began as a beautiful, showcase event space, in case you haven’t seen it check it out:!home/mainPage. Over the past several days it has been packed with sleeping bags, dirty laundry and energetic teens.
So imagine how the 4th floor must feel to have been transformed from a place of beauty to a functioning locker room that holds a week’s worth of laundry from people who have been working outside in the sun and rain…
If buildings had caste system, this one would certainly be on a downward spiral.
And that is a good thing….actually it’s GREAT!
The space may be aching from usage, but it has held teens and sponsors that love Jesus and have been sharing that love with our city since Sunday night.
A cluttered building is a small price to pay for changed lives. More than 10 people have prayed to accept Jesus as their Savior. Many people have taken the time to tell their story…because it matters. Memories that will last a lifetime have been made. To put it simply, this building has become a temporary home for LIVES THAT HAVE BEEN CHANGED!!!
I would say that we could learn a thing or two from this building. While the floors may not be as shiny (not that you can really see them because of all the stuff here) and the aroma may not be as pleasant (though at dinner time, it smells great), this building has become incredibly functional.
As Christians, it seems that sometimes we work very hard to be a showcase…we look good, act good and even smell good, but if we were to consider our impact for Jesus, the results may not be good at all.
At the end of  my life, I would rather people say that I was a functioning Christian who impacted people for Jesus, than for them to conclude that I look and sounded good.
This Sunday we will pick up this thought as we look closely at 1 Thessalonians 3:6-13. I hope you can take some time to read through the book of 1 Thessalonians. In the meantime, say a few prayers for the missions trip here that is winding down and ends tomorrow afternoon.
Loving Life!


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