New Life Sunday – Sink or swim…

Earlier this week we went to the pool as a family. Oh yeah!
Alexa and Sophie are part fish…they LOVE to swim. I certainly cannot take full credit for teaching them how to swim (Leigh-Ann probably had way more to do with it than me, but I don’t have a story about swimming in her childhood =)), but I have helped along the way. And if you knew where I started, you would appreciate this even more…
To begin, I am not the dad that throws his kids in the deep end and tells them to sink or swim.
Here’s why….
When I was 5 I took beginner swimming lessons…and I failed.
I re-took the class at age 6 and barely passed.
I remember the first time that I went off the diving board…I was SOOOO scared. The lifeguard had to ask me to hold the lifesaving hook (or whatever that’s called) and finally was able to guide me off the board.
I nearly hyperventilated as I doggy paddled frantically for the ladder. Not impressive!
At some point in my childhood, I overcame my fear of the water and learned that as long as I don’t panic it will hold me up.
I still would not consider myself a great swimmer, however I know enough to teach my kids what I know and I can tell you already that they are nearly as good as I am and in time they will be much better swimmers than me.
Imagine if I refused to teach my kids how to swim. What if I simply kept all of my knowledge and experience swimming and filed it away in the back of my mind? What if I never practiced swimming?
I would be worthless when it came to swimming.
I must say that spending time with our kids in the pool has helped me to become a better swimmer. It has also helped them to become better swimmers. Eventually I am sure they will teach some of their friends or siblings how to swim as well.
When it comes to spiritual truth the point is that we are not called to be containers for our knowledge and experience, but rather we are called to be pipelines.
Last week we looked closely at Acts 17 in order to have some context for Paul’s letter to the church in Thessalonica. This week we will begin our verse by verse study of the book of 1 Thessalonians. The big idea is that The church is a clearinghouse and not a congregation!
The church grew and prospered in Thessalonica because Paul evangelized, made disciples and established a church that made disciples and evangelized.
I am so excited to spend time this summer studying one of the greatest guides for spiritual modeling ever written.
In the meantime, have a great weekend!


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