New Life Sunday – We’re adopting Z

Two years ago Leigh-Ann and I spent a Sunday morning service reflecting on our feelings after experiencing the tragedy of losing the foster daughter that we had raised for the first 18 months of her life.
To be truthful, sharing our thoughts with our New Life family was not on our bucket list. At the time we felt:
·         Abandoned
·         Hurt
·         Lost
We were struggling with big questions like, “how could God allow this to happen?” Since the beginning of New Life we have made the commitment to live authentically and this fateful Sunday so many  months ago was stretching the limits.
At the time, it felt like we were left for dead in the  middle of an ocean. I clearly remember praying for God to rescue us by returning our daughter. I had visions of a helicopter swooping down to lift us out of the deep, dark waters where we were thrashing.
Leigh-Ann and I never experienced the miraculous rescue, however we can testify to the miraculous grace from God. There have been many moments that have felt overwhelming and then at just the right time, God has brought us the encouragement necessary to make it another day.
This past week has opened up a new chapter in our lives. A new day in our foster-adopt journey.
On Wednesday, we were notified that the judge ruled in our favor and that we will be able to adopt Z…our son who we have had for the past 16 months since he was 3 months old.
When Leigh-Ann called to tell me the good news, she was sobbing and the kids were screaming. I heard her say that the parental rights of the birth parents had been terminated.
My heart almost stopped…
As this news was still sinking in, I remembered that the sermon topic for this Sunday is . “Pure religion is to visit the orphans and widows…” from the end of James 1.
Several years ago God called Leigh-Ann and I to serve Him through foster care. This journey has provided incredible highs and lows. The road has taken us through the darkest moments of our lives. It has also shown us amazing and incredible things about our God.
We are planning to take some time this Sunday to pick up where we left off two years ago. Leigh-Ann and I are excited to share the rest of the story that is plumb full of God’s grace.
If you are presently experiencing difficult times, I think this service will be a great encouragement. I hope you can come.


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