Posts from June 2012

Brazil Missions Trip Recap

We had a great trip to Brazil and we have so many people to thank and so much for which to be thankful. Here is a link to our pictures (623 to be exact): Below is a day by day review of our trip…if you get some to look at the pics or read the itinerary […]

New Life Sunday

When we were in Brazil, we had so many great experiences. We were able to meet some incredible people, share the Gospel, eat amazing food, see fabulous sites and build unforgettable memories (how’s that for adjectives?). This Sunday we will take a few minutes to share more in depth about our time in Brazil. For now, […]

New Life Sunday – Modeling for our faith…

In 1988, Dan Wieden from Portland Oregon came up with a catchy slogan for Nike: Just do it!  According to many experts, this phrase helped to propel Nike into the top place of sporting goods manufacturing to the tune of more than 20 Billion per year in sales. Three words that spoke to heart of humanity…Just…Do…It! Last Sunday, James […]