New Life Sunday – Cross Fit

I love watching champion athletes perform. I love the game, the competition, the passion, the work, the intensity, the unknowns, the momentum and I especially love the feeling that comes with winning.
No matter the sport, the road to the ultimate victory is paved with scores of smaller but just as meaningful victories.
These smaller victories are most often personal, mental victories.
One more lap…round…free throw…sprint…attempt…etc.
The rush of victory never comes without grueling work to attain much smaller victories. I was reminded of this while getting hyped up by watching the following youtube video of extreme snowboarder Travis Rice:
If you have 2:23 to watch the video you will hear him say, “while riding a heavy line, the only time it ever works is when you take the whole move and break it down into tiny, little, subtle moves. When you perfect each little move, the bigger move has no other choice but to succeed.”
He goes on to say, “It’s those split second decisions that your  muscles have been training for that make the difference between destruction and success.”
Similarly in our spiritual walk it is the split second decisions that we have been training for that make the difference between destruction and success.
The habits for destruction or success are developed long before the “big test.” When we labor to develop spiritual disciplines we develop an appetite for grace. When we live in light of grace, we will experience the thrill of victory.
This Sunday the sermon will be from Romans 12. As we follow the Apostle Paul’s line of reasoning we will find that our spiritual victory will be certain when we practice spiritual disciplines that will develop our appetite for grace.
At the end of the video, he summarized, “From practice to preparation to execution, every move counts.” Not bad advice for our spiritual life either!
Oh, and wear Degree deodorant :)!
Have a great weekend!


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