New Life Sunday – Highlight Reel…

This morning Leigh-Ann and I and the boys attended the end of the year school assembly for Lexi and Sophie.
Where has time gone?
We sat in the back to watch with great anticipation…the kids were outstanding…especially ours :).
I was reminded how biased that I am for our children…and that is when my epiphany all started from the back row…
Parents arrived heavily armed with cameras, video cameras, phones and ipads. If I was an alien I would have assumed that they were each a part of a cult-like militia.
But these were not weapons…they were tools to help them remember every movement, song and statement made by their precious offspring.
From my view in the back I was able to see the viewfinder of the recording devices. This is where my observations became very interesting…
I could easily match up the parents to the child because each of the cameras were zoomed in on their kid.
I looked around to test my theory and at one point every camera in sight was zoomed in on one child….and that one child was different for each parent.
The bottom line is that each parent really only cared about one child…their own child. As classes moved up and down on the stage, parents shuffled up and down in the aisles trying to get a better angle to capture their child’s  shining moment.
Then it hit me…what if God could see through the viewfinder of my mind?
He can…
How often do I zoom in on Him throughout the day? If I had to make a highlight reel of my God from the images I focus on throughout the day, would I even have enough footage?
This Sunday our focus is worship. We will look at the topic of worship from Philippians 2:5-16, so I hope you can find a few minutes to read through the Scripture passage in advance and think about your highlight reel of God.
I hope you have a great day!


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