Posts from March 2012

New Life Sunday – A 3 year old, a bike and Revelation 20

Dallas turned 3 this past week and for that remarkable accomplishment Grammie bought him a bike. Turning 3 is no small feat…·         He eats, sleeps and plays·         He is potty trained·         He shares his toys (sometimes voluntarily)·         He tags along with the family wherever we drag him·         He laughs a lot And now to add yet […]

New Life Sunday – Madness…

March Madness…or shall I say, March Maddening? If you are a Missouri fan…and this just in…Duke fans, you may want to make sure you read this one all the way to the bottom. 98.8% of people filling out brackets on Yahoo (several million) predicted that the Tigers would win in the first round. In case you haven’t […]

New Life Sunday – RIP Jeans

Imagine life without your:-Cell phone-Computer-Favorite pair of jeans-Ice Cream-Bed-Favorite sweats Not cool! Earlier I was thinking about my absolute favorite pair of jeans. They fit perfect and have aged well in every place but the knees. I stopped wearing them several months ago, but refuse to throw them away. I wish I could use them as shorts, but […]