New Life Sunday – High Five…

 love “HIGH FIVE” moments!
These are the times when we have more excitement than we can contain in our bodies so we look for the closest person and hope that they feel the same excitement. I won’t even begin to speak for women, but most guys seem to get a silly grin on their face, grunt something unintelligible for the most part and then turn our attention to making square contact with the other hand.
Since this does not always work out as intended, I have compiled my own list of high five failures:

  • High and Dry – The high five is denied and the person with whom you were hoping to share the excitement doesn’t even notice. So you are left hanging…this is almost always awkward.
  • High One or maybe Two – This is when the other person (‘cause it’s never our fault) misses the majority of our hand…very anti-climatic and often embarrassing.
  • High – are you kidding me? – This is when someone crosses the line and hits you so hard it actually hurts. It is at this time that you automatically forget what you were excited about and become consumed with the question, “why on earth would someone do that?”
  • High…pause…Five – This is what happens when someone has the confidence to leave their hand up in the midst of ignorance. It is an attitude that says, “I am excited and I will wait until you notice.”

The High Five is a universal sign of triumph.
I love triumph!
This Sunday, we move back into the book of Revelation. We will study Revelation 10:1-11:14 which is a parenthetical section between the 6th and 7th Trumpet judgments. In this passage we will look closely a might angel, a little book (that is eaten), two witnesses, the first appearance of the Anti-Christ, plagues, murder, earthquakes and ultimately TRIUMPH.
It seems like a long path to get to the triumph, but it is definitely worth it. You may even be in the mood for a High Five at the end.


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