I tink they’re talking about me…

Yesterday morning we were hosting a Bible study at our home and were discussing the sermon from this past Sunday from Revelation 3:7-13 about the church in Philadelphia. We were talking about going through open doors and taking opportunities when they are presented.
Dallas was hanging out with us during that discussion. He walked over to Leigh-Ann and whispered in her ear, “I tink (think) they are talking about me.”
So, Leigh-Ann interpreted…
Dallas had just been upstairs and was shutting every door, so Leigh-Ann told him that he didn’t need to close every door. Shortly after that conversation upstairs, he came down and heard us talking about walking through open doors and naturally assumed that we were talking about him.
I share this story for several reasons:
·         It’s pretty funny
·         It proves how smart 2 year olds can be
·         It communicates that we are wired to personalize more than we should
·         It shows that Dallas was concerned about how his actions may affect more people than himself
That last point is the one that I want to unpack for a bit. It is a good thing to be concerned about how our actions affect others. This Sunday we are looking at Laodicea which is the 7th and final church addressed by Jesus in Revelation 2-3. Their problems boiled down to the fact that they were apathetic.
They did their thing…they assumed they were good; however, they were failing miserably. Generally speaking the church in America which is made up of people like you and me relates far too well.
We have accepted a faulty valuation system which has provided us with a false sense of security and success. Unfortunately,  we don’t seem real concerned with how our actions affect most others around us.
If you are thinking that I am ready to hit people over the head on Sunday, don’t “tink that I’m talking about you =).” This journey is about growth and God has been generous to provide opportunities, mentors and grace for each of us.
I hope to see you Sunday!


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