Old Maid, and other Situations beyond our Control (John 17)

The other night we decided to sit down for a game of “Old Maid.”  If you haven’t played this in awhile, I highly recommend it.  The first game, I started with the “Old Maid.”  My strategy is simple, track the cards that the other player chooses and then hopefully predict the best location for the “Old Maid.”  After several unsuccessful turns to lose the “Old Maid” card, I began to get frustrated.  Not quite to the point where I was willing to cheat with my 3 and 6 year old, however, I am still convinced that someone rigged the game since the “Old Maid” was passed over every time.

I actually began and ended the first game with the “Old Maid” in hand.  How could I be such a loser?  The three girls seemed to have their own explanation for this.  The next game, I did not start with the “Old Maid” so I figured that I had a better chance.  After a few turns it was passed from Leigh-Ann to Alexa and then to Sophia.  I noticed the “Old Maid” immediately….probably because it was two inches higher than all the other cards.  After looking at Sophia’s face, I knew I had to pick it, so I did with the hopes that Leigh-Ann would take it from me and I would not lose again.

I did everything I could to mix up the cards.  I shuffled them behind my back and every turn Leigh-Ann was able to dodge the card.  This would not be so bad except I seem to lose every game and I am getting sick of losing.  My streak reaches far back beyond the game a few nights ago.  I “The Loser” held the “Old Maid” card for the rest of the game.  This was especially painful, since Leigh-Ann and I can get pretty competitive.  How is it even possible for me to lose so often when I have a well thought out strategy and I am flawless in my execution.

Upon further thought, I have discovered that life is often very similar to the game of “Old Maid.”  We are given individual situations beyond our control.  At times in our lives we can do our best and still end up with a lose-lose scenario.  There are parts of our lives over which we have no control.  There are some times that we look back and it seems like no matter how hard we try, we still cannot win.  Fortunately, in the game of life, unlike “Old Maid”, we are given the promise that no matter how difficult our circumstances may become, we can have perfect peace because Jesus has overcome the world.

With this thought of victory in mind, we move on to John 17 for the sermon this week.  This passage reveals the heart of Jesus following His three year ministry with the disciples and preceding His death and resurrection.  We have a worship service planned that will communicate all that was on the heart of Jesus on that fateful night.

Have a blessed day!



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