Getting out of bed, and other difficult decisions (John 9:1-41)

As I was lying in bed this morning after my alarm jolted me out of R.E.M. I began the process of rationalizing my need for a few more minutes of sleep.  There is something about having to wake up when the house is cold and the bed is warm.  I have begun to develop a pretty significant love-hate relationship with this time of year.  At night there is nothing better than going to bed when it is cool…in the morning there is nothing more painful than getting up when it is cool.

When I went down to wake up Alexa she was totally under the blankets.  I pulled back the blankets and whispered that it was time to get up.  Schwoooop!  The blankets are suddenly ripped out of my hand and once again covering her head.    “I don’t want to get up” she says.  I empathize since it had just taken me 20 minutes to roll out of bed myself.  Now I expect her to do it immediately.  In the end we both made it out of bed and off to school and work.

After making it into a cold car and finding my way downtown, I have had some time to think….life is full of difficult decisions.  Where should I live?  Who should I vote for in the coming elections?  How can I mend a troubled relationship?  What is the best way to raise children?  I have concluded that quite possibly the most difficult question of all is the one we have to make every day, “Why should I get up?”

If you are a morning purist, please do not join in this conversation.  If you hear the alarm clock and jump out of bed with no effort at all…you make me sick.  Furthermore if you can get by on 3-4 hours of sleep you need to have a full psychological evaluation.  At the very least you are proof that life is not fair.  If you are like me and spend time thinking about these issues of life, this e-mail is for you.

This Saturday night is DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME…we all get an extra hour of sleep.  I am very optimistic that the service at 10:45am on Sunday will be full of smiling, well rested faces.  I hope you will be there.

If you have time to read through John 9:1-41, it will help as you allow God to prepare your heart for the service.

I know I have mentioned this before, but if I can help you in any way, please feel free to reply.

In His Grip!



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