Death of an iron; Trust, God’s control, and Light (John 8:12-30)

Yesterday, we had a fatality in our household….the iron died.  Leigh-Ann called in the morning to ask if I knew why it wasn’t working….Of course, I went through the obvious possibilities….

Is it turned on?  Is it plugged in?  Is the outlet working?  These were my three best troubleshooting questions….  Since it still was not working, I now started to give advice…and here is how the conversation went….

“Try giving it a little break”, I said. (Translation: I have no idea how to fix the iron over the phone and I don’t want to deal with it now.)

“It’s not working….how do you give a break to something that’s not working?”

“I dunno…maybe try a different outlet.” (Translation: Maybe on the way to a new outlet you will get distracted and forget you asked me how to fix the iron over the phone.)

“I already tried that and besides the outlet is working, because a fan is plugged into the same outlet.”

Now comes the manly advice, “Try hitting it!  Just smack it a few times.  Maybe there is a short that will miraculously stop shorting.”

Am I the only one that has the urge to hit something (notice I said someTHING not someONE) when it stops working?

After listening on the phone to Leigh-Ann give the iron a thorough beating, I came to the conclusion that this iron would need more than CPR to come back to life.

So last night before going to bed, I took a look at the iron with just enough optimism to think that my mechanical skills might find the problem.  After checking to make sure it was turned on, plugged in and the outlet was working I realized what I had just done.

I had just proven that I did not trust that Leigh-Ann could turn on the iron, plug in the iron and check the electrical outlet.  I did not premeditate this blatant distrust.  It just happened….in fact, if I was really thinking; I would have reminded myself of the thousands of hours that Leigh-Ann has sacrificed to prove her love for me.  I would have remembered that Leigh-Ann really wanted to use the iron.  In fact, there is no logical reason why Leigh-Ann would not have thoroughly checked my troubleshooting suggestions.

Isn’t it ironic that we do this same thing with God oftentimes?  He promises to supply our needs and direct our paths, yet we spend so much of our time worrying over that which He has told us He has under control.

This Sunday our service will focus on “Light.”  In John 8:12-30, we will see that the Pharisees were given specific instructions to follow the light.  There was a specific Jewish tradition that brings incredible meaning and application to the statements that Jesus made about light.  We will look closely at this passage from a historical and theological perspective in order that we can continue to grow in our spirituality.

After spending more time with the iron, I discovered that there was a piece that had been jarred loose….If only she had not hit the iron so hard….

I am praying with you for God to work in all of our hearts this weekend.




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