Patiently awaiting the revealing of Truth

Since the discovery of the wheel, there have been some great inventions.  Think about how the incandescent (yes that is a big word) light bulb has changed our lives.  Ok you can stop thinking…  Other important inventions such as the telephone, personal computer, air conditioning and remote control have made HUGE impacts in our lives.  Can you imagine what life was like when people had to get out of the couch or chair move across the room and change the TV channel?  And also, whoever invented air conditioning did not get paid enough.  I have yet to meet someone in 100 + degree weather, complaining about having to sit in a cooler climate.

Not all inventions have been totally positive.  There are a few inventions that we have a love – hate relationship with.  The football is one of the first that comes to mind. Yes, the football.  To some of you the very mention of the word football makes you salivate.  Your mind immediately springs into motion thinking about your favorite team and remembering that time on Thanksgiving Day when you went deep for a touchdown.  This was not any ordinary touchdown, it was you against the world and the ball was overthrown, but YOU went up for it and with the fingertips of one hand, pulled it in for the annual Turkey Bowl victory.  Now every holiday you remind everyone (since for some reason you are the only one that remembers it) of that great catch in the backyard complete with an end zone dance that would make Chad Johnson green with envy.  You may be totally out of shape, but the mere sight of a football makes you feel like you could read a defense like Peyton Manning, run through tackles like Larry Johnson, and score touchdowns like LaDanian Tomlinson.  The NFL needs you…they need your mind for the game, your experience and passion to win.

Sadly though, these warm fuzzy thoughts do not saturate everyone’s mind at the sound of the word “football.”  In fact, as difficult as this may be to believe, some people could care less about football (cue loud gasp)!   This is the time of year that we begin to hear stories of football widows.  How come we never hear stories about Oprah widowers?  This is where the hate part of the invention comes in.  I do not understand how a red blooded American can be apathetic about the FOOTBALL.  But sad to say, it is a reality.  This one is close to home….because Leigh-Ann thinks I am crazy.  She says, “What is the big deal about a bunch of grown men running around in tight pants and helmets, chasing a ball and trying to tackle each other…Don’t they have something better to do?”  This is when things get a little testy in our household…I have learned some things need no defense – they speak for themselves.  Nobody needs to defend the value of the wheel and the telephone and I certainly do not need to defend the value of football.  It is a given…it is a truth yet to be revealed.

So as I write this, I patiently wait for Leigh-Ann to come to the light….to view reality through the eyes of truth.  It would be impossible for me to force the inevitable upon her…so I wait patiently for her to see the value of football.  At the going rate, I may need to wait until we get to heaven before she understands the value of football.  Just Kidding!  It seems every year she shows signs of breaking (of course, after this e-mail there will probably be something else breaking…my streak of 8+ years of not having to sleep on the couch).

This Sunday we will be studying patience from a whole different perspective.  Much more important than waiting for a spouse to agree with you (we all know that may never happenJ), God has called us to wait for His timing in certain circumstances.  It is never easy to accept timing besides “RIGHT NOW” but there are stages in our lives for which God has a different plan.  This week we will see why God has called us to stop trying to manufacture ministry and wait on Him to perform miracles in lives.  If at all possible, I hope you will plan to join in our Sunday Morning worship service this week.  Wherever you are, please pray for God to do His work in your life.  I hope you have a great weekend that is focused on “God.”

God Bless!


Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”


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