Loyalty to Ruined Socks…and Spiritual Complacency (John 6:1-14)

Today, I have a hole in my sock.  This is not good…in fact it really bothers me — almost to the point that I am ready to get rid of them.  Not quite!  These are one of my “Top 5” pairs of socks.  Some of you like Leigh-Ann may not be able to empathize, because at the moment you start to get even the faintest clue that the fibers in your sock are wearing down, you throw them away.  You totally reject the socks that have spent hours with you.  They have kept your feet warm, free of blisters and sometimes have even looked good while doing it.  At the slightest hint of a weakness you leave them for a new pair.  What kind of a person are you anyway?

I am not like that (said like a good Pharisee).  My socks are a comfort thing…some pairs are too thin and they make my shoes slide around a little, some are too thick and they bunch up when I am putting on my shoes.  There are only a few socks in my drawer and quite possibly in the world that fit just right.  I know all you problem solvers out there are already frustrated as you read this….why doesn’t he just find the kind he likes and then buy 20 pairs?  You don’t understand….there is much more involved.  Those of us who hang on to our socks until they no longer are willing to hang on to us are warriors.  We unapologetically play favorites with our socks out of loyalty.  We love our socks even when they get old.  And this is the way it should be…I think.

My t-shirts are like this…I still have a t-shirt that I wore in college.  From my perspective this is true love…sticking with the clothes that have stuck by you.  Leigh-Ann thinks I’m crazy, so she has a way of throwing out my old clothes when I am not around, but I still have a few hiding places.

As old and worn out as they may appear I really struggle throwing them away.  Maybe because I get nostalgic and think of all the things my t-shirts and socks have been through with me.  Maybe because there is a comfort level with these clothes that I don’t have with something off the shelf.  Maybe you all think I’m crazy…

As out of the box as this may sound, we can become like this in our spirituality.  We can become so comfortable with the way things are that we refuse to recognize that it is time for a change.  Maybe we have such great memories of the way it was or we feel so good with our routines…maybe we just don’t know what to do.

This Sunday, we will look very closely at the fourth miracle in the book of John-“The feeding of the 5,000.”  The people did not even realize that although Jesus was making them comfortable physically, by feeding them, He was preparing them for eternal truths that would shock their socks off (pun intended).  There is a lesson to be learned from this miracle that is deeper than the fact that Jesus will provide for your needs or that Jesus can solve your problems, or that Jesus will give you answers for the most difficult questions of life.  The lesson will be obvious after we study John 6:1-14 verse by verse together.  I hope you will come and I hope you will pray for God to teach you the lesson He intends for you to learn.

I hope you have a “New Life” day….the way Life is meant to be!!!



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