Our Roles as Judges (John 5:30-47)

A parent fills lots of different roles.  Since Leigh-Ann is home with the girls she has the most diverse portfolio.  She can go from chef to house cleaner to nurse to teacher to coach to activities director to cab driver to repairwoman to peace officer to MOM which means if you want to live to see your dad come home, do what I said NOW!

It seems I often get the role of judge.  This is OK…not all that glamorous, but someone has to do it and it’s a whole lot better than some of the roles above.  Unlike the real courtroom no one stands when I walk into the room.  Actually they are usually crying over a major disaster, and since these major disasters happen on a regular basis I feel that I have pretty good job security.  One is crying and the other is two feet away pretending not to hear (this is always a hoot) while playing with their alleged contraband.  I always get a kick out of their first reaction to the claim of their sister.

Huh, what?  I was just…..STOP that’s the problem….you can’t just do that!

Why Not?

Because it’s not right.

How come?

You need to share.

But I did!

Then why is your sister crying?

I don’t know.

What did you do?


Then I ask the crying basket case…Why are you crying?

She took my……

I turn to the one two feet away who is struggling to keep an innocent look on her face, did you take your sister’s ….?

Well, I had it first…

By this time I am ready to be done, so I do one of two things, I either take the advice of Solomon and offer to cut the toy (or whatever they are fighting about) in half OR I begin to tell them how blessed they really are and that they have more toys than some entire third world countries and we should just send them all overseas and their food they always complain about as well.  And while we are at it, maybe we should go sleep outside on the street so they can appreciate how good they have it.  By now I am on such a role even Judge Judy would be green with envy.

I really am not that great of a judge.  I do find it very interesting to observe how such little kids have learned to gather evidence for the case, make an accusation, cross examine the defendant (their sister) and then expect a positive verdict.

This Sunday we are going to examine the evidence for an actual case in which each one of us will take the role of judge.  After healing the paralytic, Jesus communicated to the Jews that He was the promised Messiah…He was God!  After making this incredibly important claim, Jesus reveals four different bodies of evidence that support this claim to Deity.  As individual judges, we must decide to accept or reject whether Jesus is our God.  During the message you will have the opportunity to personally evaluate the evidence and then evaluate your life.  What does it mean to accept Jesus as your God?  This is the practical application that we will discover.  Please take some time to read and pray through John 5:30-47.

If you are out of town, SHAME ON YOU…just kidding (see how easy it is for me to fulfill my role as judge) you can listen to the message on our website: www.newlifekc.org under the “Resources” tab.

I hope you have a “New Life” day….the way Life is meant to be!!!



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