Thailand Missions Trip 2017

New Life CityChurch member Ian Leavey will be serving Christ on a long-term missions trip February 6 through June 9, 2017.  Here’s his story – 


How – Some months ago, I sent a blind email to a missionary in Bangkok saying that I wanted to spend some time in Southeast Asia to see and be a part of what the Lord is doing there. Since beginning that conversation the opportunity has evolved into what is going to be a work-intensive 4 months of traveling and serving alongside a team of missionaries as they train and equip nationals with the gospel as well as take it directly to those who have never heard it before.

Who – The organization I will be serving under, Saturation Church Planting Global, is a faith-based organization whose vision is to transform the nations by the power of the gospel and to see the Lord’s will be done in the world through His people. I would go into further explanation of how and why they do what they do, but there is no way I could explain their heart for the Lord better than they do in their website –

Trust that I have spent a lot of time researching their methodology and I am impressed by their strategic approach to forwarding the kingdom.

What – The role I will play in the church won’t truly take shape until I hit the ground and start shadowing members of the team in their daily ministry seeing the work they do in evangelism and pastoral care. I will be able to bring some unique gifts to the table such as live worship and the perspective of a 25-year-old single Junior Architect who’s never once been overseas…

Thankfully I will be working through a training program created by SCP and will undoubtedly grow head over heels in faith as a child of God. I am ready to be transformed by the work that the Lord has prepared for me and will submit to the ways in which the Spirit desires to change my life.

Where – Bangkok baby! (central Thailand)

When – February 6 through June 9

Why – It seems like a long time ago now that I surrendered my life to the Lord as a blank check, and since then the path that I have taken is one that I never would have been able to predict. I know that wherever I am the Lord both desires and is able to use me for His glory whether it be in Michigan, Kansas City, or overseas. At the moment, I have been blessed with a window in my life to travel basically anywhere and do virtually anything.

I desperately wish to use this opportunity to see lives changed through the saving power of the gospel by the work of the Holy Spirit. To see those who have only known hardship to discover grace, to witness those who have nothing embrace the Lord as the only One they need. To hear of someone leaving everything they have behind in order to follow Christ, and to meet someone who has been set free from the empty way of life they had before to cherish the One who knows them by name. The One who has placed them in Thailand so that they would have the best chance of finding Him and come to a saving knowledge of the gospel of grace.

I know this vision does not come easy, and that the peoples of Southeast Asia come from a cultural background that I am far from being able to relate to. But I know that we have the same Creator, that the Savior of the world loves them just as much as He loves me and has given me the ability by the power of His word to make a difference in someone’s life that will change their eternal dwelling place forever. I want to introduce everyone I meet in Bangkok or elsewhere to the King of kings and Lord of lords, the One through whom we are more than conquerors by the power of an indestructible life – His name is Jesus.

Give – Every dollar you contribute goes towards offsetting the cost of plane tickets, visas, and living and travelling in and around Thailand. This trip is going to be extremely affordable and should only cost around $4,000! This is very inexpensive for a four-month stay overseas, and if I could raise all of it before I left I would be incredibly thankful. I’m going no matter what, but rest assured that the money you give will be going towards the kingdom.

Also, please consider giving to the missionaries that I will be working with. Their commitment to reach the people of Thailand with the gospel far exceeds my own.

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