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New life Sunday – Shovel or rake?

Earlier this week, just before the snow storm was scheduled to hit, I decided to clear some of the ice off of the driveway and sidewalks. Yes, I am that smart…LOL. From the word “shovel” Dallas was by my side. He loves to help…especially outside. He noticed me looking at the red plastic rake he […]

New Life Sunday – The irony of humility

Over the past two weeks the health of my grandmother has digressed…she has endured a heart attack, kidney failure and pneumonia…she is 91 years old and barring a miracle will be in Heaven with Grandpa very soon. This past week, I have reflected on many incredible memories: Eating grandma’s homemade Lefse and Kringla Watching grandma dote […]

New Life Sunday…drawing blood

This past Sunday night, Isaiah and I took a trip to the emergency room at Children’s Mercy Hospital. To make a long story short, he turned out ok, but before that was confirmed by the hospital staff we had a few anxious moments. First of all, we had to decide whether or not to take him in…this is […]