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Big Game

On Wednesday, I was invited to go to the opening round of the Big Twelve Tournament. Even though I don’t really have a favorite team, it was a great to spend time with friends and watch some incredible athletes. We commented often about the differences between watching a game live and watching it on TV. […]

Unexpected intersections for prayer

This morning while wrapping up our Tuesday  morning Bible study at @newlifekc, we had a visitor that was unexpected to us, but totally expected by God. Since Leigh-Ann and I moved downtown, we have frequently visited the @myfamilydollar store on 31st and Troost. The employees have always been very kind and welcoming. As a result, […]

New Life Sunday – House Rules…

      Recently the girls and me…and sometimes Leigh-Ann and the boys have been playing basketball in the driveway. I must admit that I am no “King James” but I have played my share of basketball through the years. Since the girls are trying to learn the game, I have been teaching them some technique […]

New Life Sunday – Highlight Reel…

This morning Leigh-Ann and I and the boys attended the end of the year school assembly for Lexi and Sophie. Where has time gone? We sat in the back to watch with great anticipation…the kids were outstanding…especially ours :). I was reminded how biased that I am for our children…and that is when my epiphany all started from […]