Story of the Soul is an interactive coffeehouse experience where we explore stories the soul has been telling for centuries through the arts.

In Story of the Soul, we use art, film, music and poetry to explore different stories the soul of mankind tells.

On Sunday morning, June 10 at 9:00 and 10:45, we will take a look at art that shares a deep longing we all share.

The soul seems to have always been saying:

“I want to thrive beyond disappointment, failure & regret!”

“I want to keep my heart alive despite the heartaches and disappointments of life. I want to flourish! I long for love and peace amidst despite the stupid mistakes I make, and beyond the pain others cause me! And yet, honestly, I’m not sure I know what that would look like.”

The Power of Art

The global popularity of classics, and even pop-culture show that the soul is trying to say something meaningful about life – usually about common longings & wounds – the artist has experienced; desperately wants to understand it; express it!

All cultures of the world have their own “classics”, but some are shared by the entire world.  For example: the Chinese like Huckleberry Finn.  Americans like Rembrandt’s “Prodigal Son.”  Hungarians like Bob Dylan’s music.  Most of the world enjoys the French Impressionists.  The entire world recognizes Michelangelo’s statue of David or van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

If the “story” is told well, painted well, performed well it becomes well known – a classic. And we love to read, view, watch or listen again & again, because we feel a CONNECTION.

What to expect at Story of the Soul (SOTS)

Here’s how SOTS works: 1 Someone will share some art, film or other media with us. There will be three different artistic expressions shared by three different presenters. 2 Then we’ll take some time to interact with those around us about what we’ve seen and heard. 3 We close with a brief wrap up of things – someone will share an opinion about the story we are considering.

See you there!

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