Discovering God

In the Gospel of John, we see God in plain sight. The Apostle John shows who God is and how to know Him. He writes from an intimate point of view and shows the majesty of Jesus. Join us on Sundays as we journey through John.

August 26th: 1:1-5 – Encountering the Face of God

September 2nd: 1:6-8 – A Witness to the Light

September 9th: 1:9-13 – Rejecting God

September 16th: 1:14-18 – Majesty, Grace, and Truth

September 23th: 1:19-28 – Who is John the Baptist?

September 30th : 1:29-34 – The Lamb of God

October 7th: 1:35-42 – Come and See

October 14th: 1:43-51 – Calling Disciples

October 21th: A Survey of Discipleship

October 28th: 2:1-11 – The First Miracle and Its Meaning

November 4th: 2:12 – Capernaum: The City of Jesus

November 11th: 2:13-25 – Was Jesus a Revolutionary?