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Budapest, Rust and Truth…

Last night Leigh-Ann and I attended an information meeting for our trip to Budapest, Hungary. God has provided us with an awesome opportunity to join about 40 other Americans (10 from Kansas City) in Budapest for a time to encourage missionaries, evangelize high school and university students and participate in educational forums. We all found […]

Faith or Fear

One thing I have learned as a parent is that kids are fearless…until…they learn how to fear. Leigh-Ann loves to throw our babies over to me…and so far we have not dropped one of them :). Think about it…even if they are just a few feet away, a baby that is 2 foot tall travelling […]

Valentines day and 24/7 Faith

Pheew!  Valentine’s Day is over for another 364 days.  I know, you probably think I am the least romantic person in the world.  Leigh-Ann would probably testify that I am somewhere in the middle.  This whole romantic idea aside, there are certainly some observations I made throughout the day that I am happy to share […]