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We have a dog….

We have a dog…   This is a new addition to our happy little family. Her name is Zoe which means life and she has lived up to her name. She has been a challenge to my masculinity (she is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Poodle) and at times my sanity.   However, […]

Who is in charge?

Earlier Leigh-Ann called to tell me about life from the eyes of a 2 year old. Truthfully, it’s pretty much dead on… Dallas and Z were playing in the house and Dallas said to Z, “Z- wanna pwetend? I be Daddy and go to work, and you be mommy and do everyfing else, k?” Now, […]

High Five’s or New Rules

I have been thinking about Game 6 all day today. The game had so many amazing features and I didn’t even turn it on until the 8th inning. Even though I am not a huge fan of either team, two of my favs are in the series: Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton…neither disappointed last night. […]

I tink they’re talking about me…

Yesterday morning we were hosting a Bible study at our home and were discussing the sermon from this past Sunday from Revelation 3:7-13 about the church in Philadelphia. We were talking about going through open doors and taking opportunities when they are presented.   Dallas was hanging out with us during that discussion. He walked […]

The Outrageous Promise

Leigh-Ann and I made it home safely from Budapest this past Monday evening. I think we are both pretty well adjusted back to the Central Time zone and living in America. Clearly we missed our kids, family and friends, but we had such a great time. I have shared with several others that it was […]