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A few weeks ago, Leigh-Ann and I celebrated 17 years of marriage. We decided to head down to the Plaza so that we could celebrate and reflect on our life together. We had such a great time, we decided me must do it more often :). While we were there, we couldn’t help but notice […]

Our Story About God

Raising kids is simply an underestimated responsibility. Period. Whether you are a parent, teacher, kid volunteer, coach or any person who invests into the life of kids…what you do is simply underestimated. How so? Let’s take on conflict resolution for starters. When two kids get into an argument….fight…scuffle…whatever you want to call it….there is always […]


Our family loves to record at least one show per week to watch together…and this time of year, that show is “America’s Got Talent.” There is something especially heartwarming about watching an individual lay their talent out before four judges and thousands of people in the live audience and millions of people watching on television. […]

When Helping Hurts

As a family, we work well together as a team…and typically we are able to help each other. However….there are times when our attempts to help actually hurt the cause…such as: The time our youngest attempted to help mom by handing her the eggs (see attached pic). Or when he decided to get his own […]

Different Wavelengths

This past week my son asked his sister if the treat he was holding was a “chocolaticle or a fudgesicle.” It was an honest question…and not hard to understand his thought process. Dallas loves chocolate and he loves popsicles so it would seem to make sense that the name of that icy chocolate treat would […]