Encountering Jesus

Last night, Alexa and I went out for a run. It was one of those times when neither of us really wanted to do it, however we knew we wouldn’t regret it.

So, off we went…

I had already warned her this was simply a jog…there was no need for either of us to prove anything (i.e. don’t even try to make me run faster than a jog).

Up and down the hills we went. As we approached the half way point I noticed someone I had not seen in a while. We locked eyes and I heaved out a “hey ______” as we ran by him.

A bit of an unexpected encounter.

Another unexpected encounter I had several years ago was one I will likely never forget.

This encounter was the time I met Eugene Peterson. I was reminded of this encounter when I heard he passed away a few weeks ago on October 22nd. Eugene Peterson was a prolific author, teacher and pastor to pastors. I have been influenced by his writings and his translation of Scripture, “The Message” sometimes on a daily basis, but I will never forget the time I met him.

We were packing up after a wrestling tournament at Wheaton College and my coach was chatting with an older gentleman near the back of our travel van. Then coach gathered us around and introduced Eugene Peterson.

As I reflect on this encounter with Eugene Peterson, I will never forget his kind eyes and gracious spirit.

This Sunday, I look forward to sharing a sermon from John 3:1-15 about an unlikely encounter between Nicodemus and Jesus.

There is no doubt, Nicodemus’s life was transformed as a result of this encounter.

I sure hope to see you on Sunday at 9:00 or 10:45am for much more on this story about the time a religious leader encountered Jesus.