Generous Rescue

A week ago, we had a few minutes to kill before going to a wedding so I decided to take the boys out for a scooter ride around the neighborhood. One at a time, we made a loop that probably totaled a mile or two.
I was down to my third boy when the scooter stalled out.

I tried to start it a few times and then concluded that we were out of gas. Which is ironic since the gas gauge was reading full.

Since we stalled out at the farthest distance away from our house (Murphy’s Law) and Leigh-Ann was not home, I called Alexa and asked for a rescue.

Even though she was dressed for the wedding, she found the gas tank, jumped on the second scooter and drove to where we were waiting for her under a bridge.

We added some gas, fired up the engine and headed home…just in time to change and leave for the wedding.

Although the tank in the scooter was bone dry, there was more gas in the garage and fortunately, an awesome daughter was at home to deliver it.

When it comes to resources, sometimes we need to broaden our perspective. What if we had failed to look beyond our empty tank? We would have been hot, tired and hungry and we would have missed the wedding. Instead, after getting the gas tank from our garage, within a few minutes, we were back up and running.

This Sunday we continue our study in Proverbs entitled, “Wisdom for Everyday Life” and our topic is generosity. We will discover that generosity is more than what we give…it is who we are. Furthermore, our generosity struggles may actually stem from misunderstanding our capacity. Similar to the scooter story, we may have an empty tank in front of us, but fail to look beyond for resources to help others.

Proverbs has much more for us on the topic of generosity; I hope to see you on Sunday.