A Shout Out to Moms

Mark Twain said, “My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.”

I am pretty sure my mother would agree with that quote. There were so many times when I acted before I even considered the consequences, such as:

  • The time when I was four and we were in the car waiting and I figured out how to put it in drive and ended up hitting the close line pole in our back yard
  • The time I stole the pack of gum from the grocery store at age five
  • Bike accidents, flipped go-carts and a motorcycle
  • Broken windows and broken bones but hopefully no broken hearts

So this Sunday, we have an opportunity to celebrate the mothers in our lives. I have not only been blessed with a great mother, I also have been blessed with a great wife.

With five kids, Leigh-Ann has an incredibly overwhelming role that seems to never end. On any given day she is a household manager, nurse, chef, finance director, CEO, CFO, CIO…not to mention she needs the skills of someone in the CIA and the FBI. She is faithful and loyal and works often without notice from early morning till late at night.

When God made Eve, He certainly included many upgrades from Adam. A mother is like man version 2.0. Mothers have an incredible capacity to love, sympathize, empathize, care, lead, teach, express and trust.

I am incredibly grateful for my mother and the mother of my kids. They have each lived out their deep faith in Jesus and modeled it for the children within their influence.

This Sunday, we invite you to celebrate mothers and the influence they have in our lives. Pastor Dave will share a sermon from Proverbs 31 entitled, “Mom’s immeasurable worth.” In addition, we will host a child dedication.

As I close this down, I want to acknowledge that Mothers day can be a very difficult day for some and with this in mind, we trust that God will grant you the grace you need.