Yesterday I had the distinct privilege of visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles. Of all the things on my to do list for the day…my visit to the DMV was at the bottom.

I’m not sure what it is…the mass of humanity piled into a small, bland room with banged up furniture …or…the high level of emotions as people seem to pin their hopes on a successful visit …or…the employees who are literally worn out from dealing with people…

I have no doubt that optimism goes to the DMV to die!!!

So, no surprise that I had my share of drama while attempting to simply register my vehicle. The line was slow and due to an incredibly small mistake on the title, I was sent away without new tags.

As I sat down to resume my sermon study on gratitude, I realized that my gratitude gauge was on empty.

But there is good news…

After spending an afternoon in Psalm 103, my attitude completely changed. Not saying that I’m looking forward to my second attempt at the DMV on Monday…but I have been reminded that in spite of potential negativity around me, there is an incredible amount of things and people for which to be thankful.