Life of Zoe

We have a dog named Zoe. She is a Pomeranian / Poodle mix and is about four years old. She is also a bit heavy set and has exploding fur.

If you were to look at Zoe on any given day you would see a very nice dog with plenty of great qualities. She is really good with kids, eats just about anything dropped from the dinner table, puts up with getting tripped over at night, hit with multiple different balls and on occasion she has even been required to stay alone for hours at a time.

In spite of all her great qualities, Zoe will never be recruited to be a sled dog, or a drug dog or even a professional companion dog.

There is virtually no chance that anyone will every produce a movie or write a book about Zoe.

Her only real chance at dog stardom is to do something heroic…and to be honest, I rarely can get her to come back without having to chase her.

We have made her life too easy.

Every morning she gets up and stretches. Then she works her way downstairs to go outside and do her business. Then she gets a treat and eats breakfast. Then she camps under the kids while they eat breakfast so she can eat the falling crumbs.

After this, it’s time for her morning nap by the fire.

She wakes up in time for lunch and repeats much of her morning routine before going down for an afternoon nap.

Then it’s time for dinner and that routine is also similar to the morning and lunch routine. She usually falls asleep in the living room while the family hangs out and then it’s time for bed so one last trip outdoors to do her business and then the trip back upstairs for the night.

Sound exciting?

Not really, but it is predictable and comes with few difficulties.

Why is it that we are so bent on eliminating difficulties when it comes to our own lives? We seem to think we can enjoy a pain free life and still experience heroic accomplishments. As we return to our study in Romans, Paul makes it clear that the life of a growing Christian will never be pain free.

We know we were made for more and that difficulties make us stronger, but we still resist even the thought of pain.

This Sunday, I hope to provide some solid evidence for the value of difficulties. If you are currently enduring a trial, you will find hope from Romans 8:26-31. Spending time in these verses has me excited about some of my current difficulties, because in the end I know there is a purpose and that purpose results in my good and God’s glory.