Man Cold

This past week I have come down with a cold…or a sinus infection…or allergies…

My “man cold” symptoms began with a sore throat on Monday…and then my head felt like it was blowing up on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, after taking Nyquil Wednesday night and having crazy dreams and feeling out of it all morning, I finally started to feel some improvement.

Today, I am definitely feeling better, but not sure how the men’s retreat is going to affect my healing process. I would like to think that I am pretty tough when it comes to the cold and flu season. I’m sure Leigh-Ann will have an opinion on my “man cold” but either way it is not at all pleasant…and I really don’t like getting sick.

There is one thing certain about a cold…there is no cure.

Can you imagine if you could go to the pharmacy and buy a pill that would cure your cold in 2 hours?

I know that even I would gladly drop $100 or more for that…

A cure for the common cold would be absolutely amazing!

Well, I can’t promise anything like a cure for your cold if you come to church on Sunday, but I can say that our topic for the morning has many similarities to the common cold.

We will study from Romans 7:21-25 about the conflict with sin. And just like the common cold, there is no cure for that conflict. We will battle it until the day we die.

There are some remedies that I think will be helpful…think of them as spiritual Ibuprofen.

I look forward to seeing you soon…and yes, I have been washing my hands.