Something We Can’t Ignore

On Wednesday, Leigh-Ann took our oldest son, Dallas into the ER because he was having a hard time breathing. They took him back immediately and began treating his asthma attack.

After a while they concluded that it was serious enough to admit him to the hospital. After multiple treatments and medications, he progressed beyond the danger zone. When I went up to sit with him Wednesday evening, he told me he could stay there forever…:).

He was able to watch TV from his bed, he could order any food he wanted and he especially liked that he could press a button and get the assistance of the nurse at any time.

For a middle child in a family of five, that kind of attention must have felt pretty amazing.

He has since been able to come home. He has said that he is glad to be home and able to sleep in his own comfortable bed, even if he doesn’t have a nurse at his beckon call.

Asthma is a breathing disorder that requires attention. Once an asthmatic starts to experience difficulty breathing it cannot be ignored or there will be serious consequences.

This Sunday, I am excited to share a sermon about something else that cannot be ignored…


Relationships are the connections that we have with other people.

Relationships can bring incredible satisfaction and fulfillment to our lives or they can bring deadly pain.

So, how do we navigate the relationships in our lives?

Well, for starters, we can’t ignore them.

At any given time in our lives, we have relationships that need to be built, shared, maintained and repaired.