Take Time to Remember

Last week, our family packed into the van and drove to St. Cloud, MN to surprise my mom for her 70th birthday. The kids were so excited. Unlike their dad who packed five minutes before we left, the girls started writing out their plan for the trip a week in advance. They wrote out everything they were going to pack in their suitcase and everything they were going to do in the van on the long trip. They included every detail and if it wouldn’t embarrass them, I would attach a picture of their list… :).

Everything worked out great. The van purred like a kitten and we arrived at the exact time to make the surprise entrance. We walked in at the end of their church service. I took a video while the kids and Leigh-Ann walked in behind my mom and surprised her with a birthday cake delivery.

Mom was in tears…happy tears.

The next day we were able to continue our long held Campbell tradition of surprising my grandmother. This began in Eagle Grove, IA when I was barely able to walk. My older siblings and I would sneak in through the basement and do our best to surprise Grandma. Last week was like deja vu…we sneaked into her living room while she was in the bedroom and when she came out yelled, “SURPRISE!”

Imagine being in your nineties, waking up from a nap and having fourteen people yelling surprise from your living room. Fortunately, Grandmas heart is still healthy enough to take all the excitement.

The drive back home brought back so many memories…great times as a kid riding bikes, go-karts, skateboards and scooters. Playing every sport imaginable. Sledding off of the garage roof. Paper routes, lawns mowed and driveways shoveled. Family cookouts and game nights.

Throughout the Scriptures, God planned for multiple memorials for His children. Israel was commanded to stop, take time and remember all that God had done. Later on, the Apostle Paul would often think of memories he had with new Christ followers. In Philippians, 1:3 he told those living in Philippi, “I thank God every time I remember you.”

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. A time set apart for us to remember those who have fought for our great nation. I hope you will set aside some time to remember those who have gone before to give us freedom as a country. Those in the Bible who we consider our spiritual fathers. And if you are fortunate enough to have parents, grandparents and even great grandparents still alive, take some time to remember them as well.