Take Care

Recently, Alexa had a soccer tournament in Topeka and during some down time we went over to Gage park. It is such an awesome park with so much activity. I am at a loss to describe the scene…but for the sake of this email, I will give it a try.

The park is 160 acres of green grass, shady trees, sprawling plants and shrubs, singing birds, running animals and happy kids.

Swings, slides, teeter totters, monkey bars, climbing walls and merry go rounds produce a healing dose of laughter, smiles and  memories.

Parks provide an incredible amenity for people of all ages…but they need caretakers.

Imagine what a park would look like if there was no plan to maintain it…within a short time, I can imagine the grass and shrubs overgrown by weeds, the buildings digressing…it wouldn’t take long and the beauty would turn into something desperate for care.

Fortunately while we were at Gage park, behind the sounds of happy children I could hear the whirring of lawnmowers. In the distance there were caretakers providing water and fertilizer. There were maintenance workers doing their best to make sure the buildings and grounds were kept in top notch shape.

This may sound strange, but the park actually seems like a parable for motherhood.

Mothers provide an incredible environment for growth and beauty. Because of mothers people of all ages are free to laugh and play and dream. Mothers have a way of making us appreciate our many blessings and live life to the fullest.

But mothers need caretakers too…

This Sunday we will study about love and grace from Romans 5 and we will also celebrate mother’s day. As we prepare for this weekend, remember that the mothers in our lives need more than an annual card and gift. They need regular care…and when that happens they will provide an environment for love, laughter and growth that is second to none

I am so thankful for my mother and also the mother of our kids :)…I have been incredibly blessed. I look forward to stepping up my game when it comes to care taking. I really hope you can join us on Sunday and don’t forget that moms need caretakers too :).