New Life Sunday … Story of the Soul

As I type, I can hear a drill working away on a hole through about twenty eight inches of ceramic tile and brick. This has been an ongoing project this week.

It began with the cable guy (not Larry) coming to install the internet for New Life CityChurch. On Tuesday, he gave it his best shot, but realized he needed a longer bit. So he came back on Thursday after purchasing a much longer bit…after two tries, it still didn’t work. So he routed the cable down by the doorway…and got it to work, but it is not ideal.

Being the perfectionist that he is, our tech leader decided to give it his best shot.

And if anyone can make it work, he can…and for now, he might.

The last several months of our building transition have been like this.

Attempt…fail…attempt…readjust…attempt…get creative…attempt….success!!!

The process of life is rarely simple and easy, but that is not the point. The challenges of life provide great content for our story…and of course, they make us stronger.

The journey of our life inevitably includes many attempts, readjustments, failures and a few successes. When we tell people about our journey it is called story. Ultimately we want our individual story to tell about a life journey that has left a legacy…counted for something great.

In an attempt to explore our souls desire to make a real difference, we’re foregoing our traditional service for an amazing telling of the Story of the Soul.

This Sunday, we invite you and your friends to come sit in our “coffee shop” and enjoy an interactive adventure, where we discover stories of the soul through taking a thoughtful look at art, music, short films, poetry and classic literature.

Meanwhile, the drill continues to work away…

I hope you have a great weekend!