New Life Sunday … At 1717 McGee

Happy Friday! As of today, I can check another item off of my bucket list….drum roll….

Driving a 40 foot boom…

To begin we have had incredible volunteers over the past several weeks. We have battled through multiple setbacks, deadlines and inspections…so that we have been given the ok for a “temporary” use on Sunday.

Next week, we will still need to finish some HVAC work and we will be on our way to calling 1717 McGee our permanent home.

With this in mind, please remember to invite anyone and everyone you can think of to join in the celebration and building dedication.

We have an outstanding service planned and I already know of many guests that will be here…so come early…be friendly…and join in all that God is doing in the city.

I hope you have a great afternoon…enjoy the beautiful weather.