A weary world rejoices…

A few days ago I came home at the end of a busy day, drove in the garage, shut the garage door, kicked off my shoes and walked upstairs.

And then it happened…

I was on the landing with about six steps to go until I reached the kitchen when I paused in order to take in the full experience.

I could smell dinner in the oven.

I heard three boys trying as hard as they could to contain their happy excitement.

I could see one daughter sitting at the kitchen table.

I could feel the warmth of the house on a cold day.

The only one of my five senses still to be blessed was my sense of touch…and within seconds I had one boy on each leg and another jumping up for my shoulders. Leigh-Ann was on her way over to give me a kiss and the girls followed with a hug.

Incredible…grateful…happy…affirmed…these are just a few words that come to mind when I reflect back on that moment.

Can you imagine if instead of pausing on the landing to count my blessings, I barreled up the stairs and yelled at the kids asking which one had left their bike out as a tripping hazard next to where I park my car?

The mood in the household would most certainly have shifted…

…peace would quickly turn to conflict.

…giggles would change to gasps.

…the warmth of the house would be ignored.

It is scary to think about how my evening would have spiraled if I had chosen to focus on the bike left a few inches out of its designated parking area and ignored the many amazing blessings right under my nose.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave will be sharing from Luke 1:26-33, 39-55 in our Advent series entitled, “Can a weary world rejoice?”In addition, we will focus on the Angels and Shepherds as we light our third Advent Candle.

We have so many reasons to rejoice…even if it feels like life is wearing us out. I hope you can join in the joy on Sunday…and make sure you keep an eye out for tripping hazards in the meantime.

Have a great evening!




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