Subject: Didn’t find that but look what I found! BOOOM! We rocked this one!

This is the subject line for an email I just received a few minutes ago from Leigh-Ann who was looking for something different, but came across an email thread from a few years ago while we were in a heated battle regarding the future of our now adopted son Ian.

As foster parents the reunification process can be grueling, especially if you have already adopted a sibling and are bonded to the child in care.

The subject line above reminds me of a battle…or should I say war for the future of our son. In fact, just reflecting on the situation brings mixed emotions.

Our foster son at the time was suffering an injustice that put his health at risk.

And then the MOMENT happened.

Mama bear meets injustice…

Feathers flew…words were exchanged…emotions raised…battle began.

Over the next few day we wrote pages of documentation, sent of multiple emails and pursued understanding and conciliation.

The subject line above introduced the thread of emails that was a turning point in the case…but it was more than a case. It was the life of our son, Ian Robinson Campbell (I have attached a few pics).

Without that moment…we believe we would not have had the opportunity to adopt our son Ian.

There are few moments in our life that have carried such incredible significance…the future for a child.

One week prior to this MOMENT, Leigh-Ann and I really had no idea we were about to enter into the battle of our lives, but God knew and He had been preparing us for our entire lives.

And this was our MOMENT.

There is a bigger MOMENT that I plan to talk about this Sunday from Galatians 4:4-7. It is THE MOMENT that Jesus was born.

The Prophets had talked about this MOMENT for hundreds of years. The Hebrew education was pointed toward this MOMENT. Behind the scenes, God had been moving politically to allow for this MOMENT to occur under Roman occupation.

When it comes to our lives, there is an incalculable amount of movement that God invests into the MOMENT. Most of our lives are spent in movement towards the MOMENT.

But it is the MOMENT that gives us hope to keep moving.

Merry Christmas!



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