Are there people in there?

Yesterday I went for a run.

It has been way too long and I knew all the food I planned to consume later in the day would sit much better if I did some preventative maintenance.

While running, I decided to listen to a podcast (which was awesome in case you were wondering…you can listen/watch here:

When I finished running, I went upstairs and took out one ear bud and left the other in my ear so that I could finish the podcast.

That is when my two youngest boys came over and sat on my lap. Isaiah asked if he could put the ear bud in his ear…then Ian wanted it in his ear.

By the second or third round of listening, Isaiah pulled the ear bud out and looked at it and asked, “are there people in here?”

I had never considered that before…

I thought about that question and then did my best to answer him…though I don’t think I did so well, because this morning after day 2 of running, Ian our youngest came over to me, put the ear bud in his ear and said, “I have people in my ear.”

Well, kind of, but not really. And how do you explain a recording to a toddler anyway…? Interestingly enough, the boys will continue to think there are people in ear buds until they are successfully taught otherwise.

Hmmm, I wonder what else they have imagined that needs correction?

Communication is a significant part of our lives…but not significant enough. In fact, much of the pain and violence that we witness can be attributed to either a lack of communication or miscommunication.

This Sunday my sermon will be from Jeremiah 29:1-14 and will attempt to answer the question, “What can happen when a church pursues the success of the city?”

Imagine how non-believers would react if they knew we cared about the success of our city. What if we simply asked to listen to their needs, dreams, heartaches and hopes?

What if we asked for clarification instead of assuming we know everything?

The recent reports from Ferguson, MO are evidence that people are desperate to be heard. And whether we know it or not, we are all desperate for the hope that comes from Jesus.

I hope you can join us Sunday. Now off to find the people trapped in my ear buds.


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