Coffee, refills and a lost wallet…

Yesterday, shortly after I woke up, I noticed an email in my inbox that needed a timely reply. Due to the nature of the email, it also required some thought…which is not always easy at 6am.

Unfortunately for me, that put me a bit behind, so when I finished my reply, I got ready as quickly as I could and ran out the door. Then I noticed that I didn’t have my wallet. So I ran back up stairs to the main level…no wallet. One more flight of stairs…no wallet.

I looked for a few minutes and couldn’t find it…so, I decided to look in Leigh-Ann’s purse for a debit card and bring that with me just in case…and then I was off to a coffee shop.

Fortunately, my good friend bought my coffee.  I didn’t object since I was wallet-less and wasn’t too sure of the debit card with “Leigh-Ann Campbell” on the front.

As I was leaving, I decided to get a refill…and then things got a bit hairy. They wanted to charge me $.64 for a refill, which is not a big deal, but I didn’t have a wallet and all that I did have was my wife’s debit card.

I passed the card over the counter with my game face on.

The card did not go through.

Still no expression….

The barista ran it again…no go.

He then talked to a co-worker and said, “it’s doing it again.”

I successfully resisted the urge to ask, “It’s doing what again?”

Still no expression…

He looked at me and said, just take the coffee.

Phew…that was the hardest $.64 bill I didn’t have to pay in my life.

But strictly speaking, someone had to pay it.

It is likely that the barista just voided out the charge and let me walk out with a free refill. But imagine if he kept running cards all day on a faulty machine…after a while he would have created quite a problem.

He seemed responsible, so I am thinking that he either fixed the machine or stopped accepting cards as a form of payment. To keep running cards on a machine that didn’t work would be foolish.

About as foolish as Jews in the first century who kept trying to use faulty religion as a means to pay for the debt they had accumulated due to their sin. I hope you can attend the service this Sunday at New Life. We will study from Romans 2:17-29, where Paul is referencing the Jews who had become known for their hypocritical religion. It looked good, but it didn’t work.

And in case you were wondering, I did find my wallet :).


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