It’s time for confession.

Since I don’t have a priest, I will come to you…:). The dirty laundry I am going to air out is in no particular order…just as it comes to mind.

Well, I probably will make a few changes…and I probably won’t tell you everything :).

I have parked in a church parking lot and told the attendant I was attending church to save money on parking (this one caused me so much guilt I ended going to church)
I have moved down to better seats at sporting events
I have run red lights because I got sick of waiting
I have set the phone down because I was tired of listening and then picked it up and the person on the other end never noticed
I have parked in one hour parking for nearly three hours and didn’t get a ticket
I have used a radar detector so that I could speed without getting caught
I have stolen Halloween candy from my kids
I have pretended not to hear Leigh-Ann when I am being summoned to help
I have pretended to be asleep in the middle of the night when the kids are crying/calling for us
I have faked interest in conversations that bored me out of my mind
I could go on…..and on….
This Sunday, I am preaching from Romans 2:1-16 about people who look at sinners and feel superior. Imagine that, talking about hypocrisy in a church.

This is an incredible part of Paul’s letter to the Romans. He moves from talking about admittedly sinful people in chapter one to admittedly religious people in chapter two.

The truth is…I can fake out the parking attendant, the stadium usher, the police and even my kids and my wife.

But I can’t fake out God!

And that is a problem…but have no fear. At the very end of verse 16, we are given the solution.


Can’t wait for Sunday…now I have to get home, because I told Leigh-Ann I would be there by 5pm.



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