Mountain Hike…

This past week Leigh-Ann and I were able to take a trip out to the North East to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We really had a great time together exploring God’s beautiful creation. We drove through northern Vermont and saw Lake Champlain, then we went into Montreal and visited the city. On Tuesday we went to New Hampshire and took a trip down memory lane to the places we met, had our first kiss and where we were engaged. On Wednesday we decided to take a hike up a mountain.

The trail guide said that is was “more difficult” which is easier than “most difficult” or “expert.”

So we gave it a try….

At first it was pretty easy…a few mud puddles to watch out for and a few rocks to navigate. It started to get steeper and steeper. The trail guide said that it was two and a half miles and we kept thinking that was round trip, but we found out it was one way.

About 30 minutes into it, we started thinking we were getting close…um, yeah…

We kept on walking…and really did enjoy the journey.

All of a sudden we looked back and saw what appeared to be a wild dog and a wolf…all visions of being the next Bear Grillis vanished…as did the blood from my face and my sense of adventure.

All I could think about was finding a stick for protection…I lost all desire to be heroic and could only think of survival.

Then…we heard the tags jingling and saw the dog owner walking up behind them. They were just friendly dogs…but for  a moment, our lives flashed before my eyes.

Finally after thinking we were at the top more times than I want to admit…we made it to the summit of the mountain (I have attached a panoramic picture).

It felt amazing!

The trip down was uneventful and took only a fraction of the time it took us to get to the top. When we finally collapsed into the front seat of our car, Leigh-Ann and I shared an incredible sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

We had made it!!!

As we drove off into the sunset, we each commented on the similarities of our mountain hike with our life:

  • Life is full of surprises that can scare the courage right out of us
  • The journey of life is usually longer, more difficult and less certain than we think
  • There will be people that God puts into our life at just the right time to encourage us to keep going
  • Even though our journey of life is difficult, the exhilaration we experience from the summit will always overwhelm the memory of the trail

This Sunday, we continue our study in Romans, “The greatest letter ever written.” Pastor Dave will share a powerful message from Romans 1:21-25 about ‘God, His rivals and sexuality.”

I hope you can fit this time into your journey of life…it will be worth it.


Announcement: This Sunday, we begin our early morning community hour at 9:30am. We will have a light breakfast, childcare and a choice of classes for you to attend. In addition, it is daylight savings weekend, so you can spend the hour you save in church :).


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