New Life Sunday…Painted

We have a problem in our family…we tend to start BIG projects shortly before something major. I can still remember moving in to Kansas City 15 years ago and starting a painting project in our basement the night before my first year of seminary started.
Last year we started the “doll house” project the week of Christmas.
Yesterday, two days before we are scheduled to leave for our family vacation, we started painting and rearranging the bedrooms for our 5 kids. This meant every piece of clothing, every toy…every trace of life from our kids had to be removed from the bedrooms.
Then we had to paint…
I use the word “we” carefully, because Leigh-Ann carried the major part of this load.
Last night at this time I was in an awful mood and for a natural born optimist was feeling pretty defeated. We had one room partially done…everything else was still untouched.
Then we were rescued  by some pretty great guys and a little luck :).
For the moment, we are simply waiting for paint to dry and then we will put all the clothes and toys back in the rooms, load up the minivan and leave.
Last night, I doubted that we would be able to finish by tomorrow…however…as it stands the rooms are painted, the kids are packed and we will be on our way before we know it.
This would never have happened without some incredible friends and a ROCK STAR wife (we celebrated 15 years yesterday). While I was working in the office and meeting people, Leigh-Ann was painting, mothering and moving stuff.
The giant painting project is all but complete…even the paintbrushes are rinsed and clean. Speaking of giants, this Sunday we continue our series on “Facing our Giants.” Dave Robinson will be preaching from 1 Samuel 17 about the story of David and Goliath.
We will also have pastries and coffee at 9:30am and the elders will be hosting week 2 of our vision discussion as we prepare for the best fall ever at New Life.
In the meantime, I need to go watch paint dry,


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