New Life Sunday – My City Matters

This past week has been pretty amazing. With close to sixty teens plus sponsors and volunteers living at New Life there has been no shortage of activity. As I am writing this, I can hear teens talking, laughing and someone is beating on a drum and maybe even the wall…not sure.
Imagine a 10,000 square foot bedroom for a typical teenager and you will have a pretty good idea about what things look like here on the 4th floor.
I love the mess…because I love what this mess represents.
The teens have been insanely busy working at ReStart, hosting soccer clinics for the KC Parks and Rec and the Guadalupe Center, sharing flowers and stories with people on the street, visiting homeless camps and touring multiple ministries in the urban core.
This afternoon they are preparing to provide dinner for 300-400 people in the park across from ReStart. We will end the evening with a Christian band and a message of hope through Jesus. In addition, we will have a handful of people that have spent the night in this park, share about how Jesus has restored them and given them a new purpose.
There are way too many blessings to count in an email, however I was particularly moved by one of our homeless guides. He shared his story one year ago during the My City  Matter trip: and this year he served as a guide into the homeless camps.
Another person who was on the streets one year ago has been an incredible help throughout the week. In addition to those who were on the streets, there are four teens on the trip this year that live in one of the Housing Authority neighborhoods where we served one year ago.
The message this week has been clear, God uses us in our weakness!
This Sunday, we will have an update from our My City Matters week and I will be sharing the second sermon in our series, “Facing our Giants.” This week we will look at the Giant of Perfectionism “I must be strong before I can serve.”
We will study from 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 where the Apostle Paul writes about how God has used him through his own weakness, so that the power of God will be evidenced as opposed to Paul’s skills.
I know I have needed the sermon I have observed from our teens as well as the sermon from Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth.
I hope to see you on Sunday!


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