New Life Sunday – Facing your giants…

On Thursday Sinue and Felipe arrived in Kansas City. Each of them are soccer players from Brazil and their main language is Portuguese. Each of them also speaks English well…much better than I speak Portuguese :).

So this morning, Sinue and I were talking and I was trying to understand the word that he was attempting to communicate.

The word was…..climb.

This may seem like a simple word, but it took some hand gestures and some other similar and familiar words for me to understand what Sinue was trying to communicate.

During the exchange, before we arrived at a point of understanding, we were on the verge of frustration because we could tell it was a common word, yet we couldn’t quite figure it out.

As I have reflected on the use of language to communicate experiences, feelings, information, etc. I have realized how important it is to be understood.

Imagine what it would be like to go through life without being able to communicate…

After a while, I think I would lose hope and become miserable.

This Sunday, we begin a new series at New Life called, “Facing your giants.” Our first giant is the giant of loneliness…when it feels like no one understands how I feel.

We will look closely at the life of Ezekiel…an incredible prophet who experienced amazing miracles and acts of God and at the same time dealt with depression because no one seemed to understand how he was feeling.

It is common to be around people, hold conversations and even speak the same language, but still become very frustrated in life because we struggle to communicate how we feel or others fail to understand what we are communicating.

If you have some time, you may want to read from 1 Kings 17-19 to prepare for the sermon.

Tenha um ótimo dia (Have a great day)!


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