New Life Sunday – Surprise of a lifetime…

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes we are surprised with bad news and sometimes it is good news. This week I have some good news.
Patrick has been attending New Life since last summer. He was baptized in August and he graduated from the Christian Life Program this past Tuesday evening. He is always looking for ways to help and bless others. He serves with J.U.M.P. recovery and invests hours into maintenance over at New Life.
Over the past few months several of us have been praying for him to be reunified with his son. The last time he saw or heard from his son was 20 years ago when his son was only 6 years old.
And then it happened…on the night of his graduation he received a phone call from his brother. It was too late to return it that night, so Wednesday just after noon, Patrick called him back.
His brother asked, “Are you sitting down?”
Fearing the worst about his sick mother, Patrick listened closely.
“Your son called me and told me he has been trying to find you for a long time. He is in college out in California and would like to talk to you.”
20 years of pain, prayers, hope and struggle…all culminate in an unexpected phone call.
God still answers prayer…God still works out painful situations…God still restores broken relationships.
Life is full of surprises. Sometimes the surprises are storms, and sometimes they are miracles. Often our surprises are forgotten almost as quickly as they surface.
When our surprises are storms of life, we can be confident that our God Who offers miraculous surprises has not forgotten or forsaken us.
This Sunday, New Life is participating in “What if the Church” ( with Covenant Chapel and Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Tim Morgan, from Mount Pisgah will be preaching at New Life on the topic of “surviving the storms of life.”
I know you will be blessed. I sort of wish that I could be there for the service, but I will be preaching out at Covenant Chapel.
I am so excited for New Life to be a part of a unified movement in our city for a cause much bigger than our congregation. This pulpit swap will culminate in a church work day for all three churches on June 7th over at Mount Pisgah.
Never forget, God loves to surprise us and He always carries us through the storms of life.
Have a great weekend!


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