New Life Sunday…d​ouble vision

A few days ago, I dropped the girls off at school and then headed out to meet up with another pastor to talk about our summer mission trip to the city called, “My City Matters.”

I noticed that while driving, the road was a bit blurry but I didn’t think much of it. I had slept really hard the night before and I figured that it was taking longer than normal to wake up.

Plus I hadn’t had any coffee yet…

After leaving the school, I still noticed that my vision was a bit blurred, so I looked again at my face.

Maybe it was my glasses…


I cruised into Panera and since I was running a few minutes late hustled from one end of the restaurant to the other.

No appointment present.

This was great news since I was running a few minutes late myself…but he was later. I poured my coffee and opened up my laptop to start working.

Now I could really tell that I had blurred vision…this was so strange.

And then it hit me…

I was wearing my contacts and my eyeglasses…

As soon as I took off my glasses I could see great again.

Don’t judge…at least I am admitting it :).


I am nearsighted and need corrective lenses to help me to see my best. However, two forms of lenses made it worse than nothing corrective at all.

Towards the end of the 1st century, there were people who had recognized that they needed some corrective lenses for their spiritual life. And their new vision was found in the person of Jesus Christ. However after nearly 60 years of the Apostles teaching and leadership, some of them thought that they needed even more. Jesus was ok, but they really needed some philosophy to add to their spirituality.

The results offered a perspective that was arguably worse than before they had accepted a relationship with Jesus Christ.

This Sunday we are going to look at a short letter from John to a church that had accepted Jesus and then added a second set of lenses…religion.

The results were catastrophic…just like they are today.

I hope you can attend…and don’t forget that its mother’s day :)!


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