New Life Sunday – We all fall down…

Today, as  I was sitting outside eating lunch with a few friends, a gentlemen tripped on the sidewalk and fell flat on his face. He was about a block or so away and didn’t notice the obstruction, caught it with his foot, and fell face down with his arms and legs outstretched on the concrete.
I noticed that he was a professional that was probably in his fifties. He had a work badge attached to his belt. He was carrying a laptop bag and was wearing sunglasses.
In my mind’s eye, the scene looked so out of place. There were cars and bikes racing by on the street, people were out walking, others were sitting at this restaurant. In the middle of that busy scene from the city at 20th and Grand, for an instant…an employee, a husband and a father (maybe), a fellow human being was sprawled out on the sidewalk.
He looked so out of place…
In less than a second, he popped back up and started walking. It was impossible for me not to watch him out of the corner of my eye as he covered the distance between us.
This guy didn’t want help, he didn’t want to draw attention to himself, he just wanted to get away from anyone that may have seen him take the mother of all falls.
As he passed by, for just an instant, I noticed his face and even saw into his eyes from the side view. Even though he was locked in on the block ahead, there was something written all over his flushed face and body language…
If he had stayed down and asked for help, I promise you that I would have ran over there to help him. But he didn’t need help…he just wanted to get out of there.
I can imagine that at some point, he will tell his story about his fall in the center of the city. But there is one key factor…he will decide on the audience. He will not share that moment with strangers.
This Sunday, we begin the third part of our legacy series. We will spend six weeks learning about how to build “legacy partners.” In other words, we can build relationships with people to whom we can share our deepest and sometimes darkest vulnerabilities.
Life brings bumps and sometimes we fall…flat on our face. The goal is for us to have a team of friends that can  help us through the moments of vulnerability.
Sunday, we will study from the book of Philemon about a slave named Onesimus who could have easily been overlooked as a worthless fugitive who had fallen one to many times, but instead he became one of the Apostle Paul’s closest friends. We have much to learn from Paul and Onesimus about how to rebuild trust in our relationships.

See you soon!


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