New Life Sunday – How about this weather?

Today, the weather is BEAUTIFUL!
As I type, it is sunny and 77degrees with a slight breeze.
I love this weather…I love spring time…I love sunshine…I am in a good mood and want you to know it.
For just a moment I thought back to winter when it was below freezing, windy and miserable. At the time, my mood seemed to reflect the misery.
Tonight, we are planning to spend some time outside as a family and enjoy the weather. I anticipate a lot of laughs and hearty conversation. Hey, I will probably spring for ice cream (no pun intended) for the whole family :).
Weather is a universal topic for conversation. In the elevator, it makes the trip up four floors go fast and end with a big smile. With friends, it allows us to jump right into a positive conversation that can then move quickly in many different directions.
Weather is something that elicits a response.
If it is cold, we bundle up. If it is hot we turn on the air conditioning. If it is nice like today, we try to get out and enjoy it…and then we talk about it.
But the weather is not the only catalyst that elicits a response…God’s plan and works also elicit a response. And when viewed appropriately the expression of that response is called worship.
Another way to say it is this,  Worship is an expression in response to God at work! Since God is always at work, worship is always appropriate.
This Sunday we will review the story of Palm Sunday from Matthew 21:1-17. The scene is bursting with activity as the Jews prepare for the Passover celebration. In the midst of all of this activity…God is weaving a strand of something new…God is at work. Worship is in the air!
I hope to see you Sunday…in the meantime, enjoy the weather :),


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