New Life Sunday…hat tricks and green lights

I love listening to our children pray. One of them prays religiously before every soccer game,“please help us to win and help me to score a hat trick.” One of them prays every day that we will“hit every light on green.” Another raises his hands in the air at the end of the prayer like he will after he scores a touchdown.
Prayer is different for everyone.
Prayer can be as simple as a thought recognizing the presence of God in our lives and as complex as a deep conversation.
Prayer can be light and prayer can be serious.
Some of my favorite prayers are spontaneous words of praise for God’s power and faithfulness.
I have observed that prayer is a topic that interests nearly everyone however, there are few people that I know, that feel adequate in their prayer lives.
Over the past several weeks we have been studying different habits that will not only prepare us for Easter, but will help us to leave a legacy that matters.
This Sunday, Dave Robinson will be sharing a sermon from Luke 18:1-8 on the topic of intercessory prayer. I am confident you will be challenged and educated on the topic of prayer.
I can’t promise that you will win more soccer games and hit more lights on green, but I am confident you will learn much to apply to your spiritual life.
In addition, Dave will be sharing his story about how God answered his prayers from behind the iron curtain this Tuesday at Real Life Downtown (
I hope to see you soon!


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