New Life Sunday…thing one and thing two…

Today I am watching Dallas and Ian while Leigh-Ann is with Isaiah who is having his tonsils taken out. As I attempt to write this I am in the process of blowing up a balloon and then watching Ian (our 18 month old) hold it for a few seconds and then let the air out.
This is a never ending game….I have tried to tie a knot, but He loses interest in it. He simply loves holding the balloon and then watching it fly around until it is empty. Then he runs it back to me with a silly grin and says….”bwooo.” Again….and again…and again…and again….
Finally, after multiple attempts he has moved on to the next item of interest from the junk drawer. It is a “pet bottle.” I have no idea why we have that since we don’t have any plans for baby pets or babies in general for that matter.
Now he has a paper weight…that is pretty boring and only occupied about 10 seconds. And now he is trying to open a spackle container…that should keep him for a bit. This is one that I better keep an eye on because if he does happen to break in….it could get ugly.
Now he has climbed up on to the middle of the table where I am typing and is hurling the paper weight and the spackle over the chairs.
Leigh-Ann will read this after the fact and I can already hear her saying, “try parenting!
But this is actually quite entertaining…and now he has my phone which I hope he doesn’t throw into the toilet like he did with my iPod. I think this is why my mom used to tell me that idle hands are the devils workshop.
I could go on…but it doesn’t take much to destroy the house…so I better wrap this up.  
This Sunday, the sermon is entitled, “Generous life-pursue the kingdom” from Matthew 6:19-34. Too often our lives resemble that of Ian…moving from temporary pleasure to temporary pleasure. Randomly going after whatever catches our eye…leaving a trail of empty wrappers and broken toys along the way.
It’s time to submit our heart to Christ, solidify our God-given purpose and stop wasting resources at the expense of the Kingdom.
See you soon!


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